Awakenings Opera in Two Acts | Composed by Tobias Picker Opera2023-08-05T06:34:00-04:00
Oliver Sacks: His Own Life | Documentary by Ric Burns2023-01-21T14:52:26-05:00
Awakenings, Featuring Robin Williams and Robert De Niro2023-01-22T10:33:57-05:00
Awakenings Ballet for Orchestra | Tobias Picker (2010)2023-01-22T12:34:53-05:00
The Animated Mind of Oliver Sacks | In Production2023-01-22T10:35:18-05:00
TEDTalks: What Hallucination Reveals About Our Minds2022-05-23T10:24:46-04:00
Michael Nyman | The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat (1987 TV Opera)2023-01-22T11:22:08-05:00
Hallucinations with Oliver Sacks | World Science Festival2022-05-23T10:27:05-04:00
BBC Desert Island Discs with Oliver Sacks2023-01-22T10:59:59-05:00
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