Photo by Bill Hayes

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The Oliver Sacks Foundation is a nonprofit organization devoted to increasing understanding of the human brain and mind through the power of narrative nonfiction and case histories.

The foundation’s goals include making Dr. Sacks’s published and yet-unpublished writings available to the broadest possible audience, preserving and digitizing materials related to his life and work and making them available for scholarly use, working to reduce the stigma of mental and neurological illness, and supporting a humane approach to neurology and psychiatry.

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“Dr. Sacks’s work gave me an island of safety in the bewildering language world of other human beings. I am forever grateful.” — Gracen Lynch, Rochester, NY
Oliver Sacks with Lillian Tighe

📷 Oliver Sacks with the last of the Awakenings patients, Lillian T.

Oliver Sacks with a patient

📷 Oliver Sacks with a patient. Photo by Lowell Handler

Oliver Sacks pictured writing

📷 Working on a piece. Photo by Bill Hayes

Oliver Sacks notebook

📜 A field notebook from the Sacks Foundation archive—one of the many objects that Dr. Laura Snyder has unearthed as she writes the definitive Oliver Sacks biography.

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