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The Future of Neurodiversity

Don’t miss this: Steve Silberman previews his book on the hidden history of autism, NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity, in this riveting TED talk, just released.

Since June is independent bookseller month (we’re just kidding–every month is indie month!), we tip our hats to indies around the world (including our much-loved landmark neighborhood store, Three Lives in New York City).

But we have to hand it to Unity Books in Wellington, New Zealand. They asked their shop plumber to find a BMW for their display of On the Move, and came up with this vintage R75. Thank you, Tilly Lloyd and wonderful staff!
(Photo by Matt Bialostocki)


Do you ever mistake “fire crackers” for “choir practice”? Dr. Sacks wrote about mishearings in the New York Times last week.

Finally, we are happy to welcome the first foreign translation of On the Move, from Rowohlt Verlag in Germany, who have published all of Dr. Sacks’s books over the years. Danke sehr, Rowohlt friends!