Thank you, readers!

This Thanksgiving, we thank you, dear readers, for your support. And since Thanksgiving is time for pie, here’s one of our favorites: Octo-pie!

   Octopus pie baked and photographed by Eve Archer (via Steve Silberman).

For his 80th birthday this past summer, Dr. Sacks promised himself more time to write, and he is working now on several new books. They are still in early stages, but they will include stories of Dr. Sacks’s early doctoring days, as well as new neurological mysteries and a few essays on Big Topics like consciousness, evolution, and memory. Oh, and the minds of octopuses and other invertebrates. Stay tuned for updates.

We are sad to note the passing of Doris Lessing, whose groundbreaking works, including The Golden Notebook, earned her a Nobel Prize only a few years ago. In 1973, she reviewed Dr. Sacks’s book Awakenings, saying, “it makes you aware of the knife-edge we live on.” Dr. Sacks will be returning to that theme at some point, when he finishes an essay on the frailty of health and knife-edges of various sorts, from Parkinson’s disease to Alzheimer’s to simple old age.