Oliver Sacks On The Move

On the Move is here!



The first advance copy of Dr. Sacks’s new book, On the Move, has just arrived from the printer!

Here is one happy author:

We thank you all deeply for the wonderful, moving cards and letters and emails which have poured in since Dr. Sacks wrote about his cancer diagnosis in the New York Times. In the current New York Review of Books, he writes about the aftermath of his cancer treatments and the notion of “feeling good” or “feeling ill.” Right now, we are pleased to report, he is feeling very good, and up to his usual swimming and writing and ferning.

But because Dr. Sacks will not be doing any book signings or interviews for the new book, we are relying entirely on YOU to help spread the word. On the Move is available for pre-order now, and will be officially published in the US, Canada, and the UK on April 28. Here is the UK cover:

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