Hot off the press! Hallucinations, phantoms, and more

We here in the Sacks office are eagerly awaiting publication of Dr. Sacks’s new book,Hallucinations. The very first copy reached his hands today!

In the US and Canada, as well as UK, Australia and New Zealand, Hallucinations will be available on November 6. You can preorder it now at your favorite bookseller. *

Hallucinations are often considered to portend madness or something dire happening to the brain—even though the vast majority of hallucinations have much more benign origins. In this book, Dr. Sacks investigates a whole range of uncanny events including hallucinations of sights and scents and sounds (or just feeling “a presence”), seeing one’s own double, even out-of-body experiences and phantom limbs. Here’s a short video of Dr. Sacks on phantom limbs.

Oh, yes, and if we might ask you for a big favor: please tell your friends, lots and lots of them, about the new book! If you like it (we’re sure you will), it would make a pretty swell holiday gift for just about anyone who reads. (It’s also available in e-book and audiobook format.) We’ll be in your debt, as always.

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Happy reading!

*Attention, Dutch readers! Thanks to a remarkably efficient translator and publisher, the Dutch edition, Hallucinaties, is already in bookstores in the Netherlands (one of our favorite countries, and not only because of the great herring there).