Happy 50th, New York Review of Books!

Happy anniversary to our great friends at the New York Review of Books, who are celebrating 50 years of publishing wide-ranging, thought-provoking essays and criticism, ranging from art and politics to science and philosophy (and pretty much everything in between). It’s difficult to imagine a literary world without the NYRB. Over the years, Dr. Sacks has published a number of articles there: from “The Lost Mariner” to “The Poet of Chemistry” to “The Revolution of the Deaf,” the NYRB has published many of his essays that would later expand into entire books. The NYRB issue on newsstands beginning February 7, 2013 will include a new article by Dr. Sacks on “The Fallibility of Memory”–we are honored that he will be a part of this special golden anniversary.

Dr. Sacks has just returned from Iceland, where he spent New Year’s Eve in Reykjavik with friends, and also visited the unique Herring Era Museum in Siglufjordur, the northernmost town in Iceland.  Herring heaven!


Oliver Sacks at the Herring Museum

PS: Hooray! A new book by Neil Shubin (Your Inner Fish) has just been published: The Universe Within. This book is, quite literally, cosmic: a profound story told with Shubin’s usual clarity and passion.