Hallucinations now available as book, e-book, and audiobook!

What an exciting week! Hallucinations is now on sale (as a book, e-book, and audiobook) in the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Over the next few weeks, you will likely hear Dr. Sacks talk about the book on your local radio station, on shows like “Fresh Air,” “To the Best of Our Knowledge,” “Science Friday,” and many others. Podcasts of these and other interviews abound on npr.com, and if you Google “oliver sacks hallucinations podcast” you will find more. And we love today’s review in the Guardian, by Will Self.

The New York Times featured this op-ed by Dr. Sacks a couple of days ago, on the stigma of hallucinations.

On Barnes&Noble.com, you can see what Dr. Sacks himself is reading these days, as well as what inspires him most. And if you are in New York City, you can attend his reading and booksigning at Barnes & Noble’s Union Square store the evening of November 28.

Tomorrow night, Friday, November 9, 2012, at 8 pm EST, catch the live webcast of his talk, with John Hockenberry, followed by live Q&A, at Cooper Union’s Great Hall.

PS: Thanks so much for the many expressions of concern we received in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Thankfully, we were not flooded in our part of NYC and only had to cope with no electricity for a week. But many other New Yorkers and East Coasters were not so lucky. Please consider helping them out; there any many organizations working on hurricane relief which will send your donations to people in need.