A New Oliver Sacks Book and Photos From the Archive

Everything in Its Place, the final collection of essays by Oliver Sacks, will be available on April 23, 2019.

Publishers Weekly calls it “a treat for the chronically curious.”

They write: “In this lovely collection of previously unpublished essays, the late, celebrated author and neurologist Oliver Sacks muses on his career, his youth, the mental health field, and much more. . . .”

“Sacks’s gentle, ruminative voice is a salve when investigating difficult subject matter, but there are plenty of lighter moments as well. . . . Piercingly insightful and delightfully strange, Sacks’ final collection is a treat for the chronically curious.”


An early excerpt from the book, in which Dr. Sacks writes about the neurological effects of our digital devices, appears in The New Yorker’s February 11, 2019 issue. Another excerpt, about Alzheimer’s and identity, will be in the New Yorker’s March 4 issue (available February 25).


We’ve been finding lots of intriguing journals, photos, and letters in Dr. Sacks’s huge archive, and we will be sharing some of these with you on our social media, including our new Instagram account. Follow us for updates on new projects, photos from the archive, and more.



Dr. Sacks was recently the subject of a BBC Great Lives program. Hear his partner, Bill Hayes, and neurologist Suzanne O’Sullivan sharing stories of his life and work.



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Best wishes from The Sacks Team!