On the Radio

The Science of the Senses a 4-part series from CBC’s The Nature of Things

Krulwich on Science: Who is Singing Me Lullabies?

All Things Considered: Audio. Book excerpt. and Fresh Air Oct. 17th audio linked at the bottom of same page

NYAS Science in the City: Two Musicophilia-related podcasts are available here (Oct 2007).

Music and the Mind Dr. Sacks in conversation with the New Yorker staff writer Larissa MacFarquhar

RadioLab: Clive. Clive Wearing, the man with the seven-second memory. Clive’s amnesia, though one of the most devastating cases ever described, is transcended only by two things: his love for his wife, and his love for music.

Sacks’ iPod Playlist from WIRED: An annotated list of some of Dr. Sacks’ favourite music.

Fresh Air at 20 – NPR rebroadcasts an interview with Dr. Sacks from 1987

Going Binocular: Susan’s First Snowfall – Morning Edition, June 26, 2006

Music and Memory – Talk of the Nation, December 30, 2005

What Scientists Owe the Public — Science Friday, December 2005.

Sacks on Journaling — Savvy Traveler

Diane Rehm interviews Dr. Sacks*requires Real Player*

NPR Morning Edition -Real Audio interview: Dr. Sacks discusses the ferns of Oaxaca, Mexico and his most recent book OAXACA JOURNAL

The Infinite Mind – interview re: Tourette Syndrome

Robin Williams interviews Dr. Sacks @ Audible.com – purchase from Audible.com

Science Friday – Part 1: Island of the Colorblind/Giant Squid audio on NPR; Part 2

Narrative and Science — Lewis Thomas Prize, 2001 at Rockefeller University

WNYC – New York Public Radio — Survival Kit

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