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Discover Magazine Your Brain on Music, Magnets, and Meth. January 2008

SEED Magazine The Listener. A profile of Dr. Sacks by Jonah Lehrer, October 2007.

Powell’s Author Interviews: Tales of Oliver Sacks and the Brain

Wired: Oliver Sacks on Earworms, Stevie Wonder and the View From Mescaline Mountain:
interview by Steve Silberman with an additional feature on Dr. Sacks’ playlist.

New York Times: Take Five, and Call Me. A review of Musicophilia.

New York Times: news item: Oliver Sacks Joins Columbia Faculty as ‘Artist’. July 2007.

Awakening Awareness – A feature from the October 20th, 2005 edition of the National Post.

Wired –  The Fully Immersive Mind of Oliver Sacks, an in-depth profile by Steve Silberman. April 2002. — Dr. Sacks discusses Uncle Tungsten and other memories from his chemical boyhood. Includes video clips of Dr. Sacks’ presentation at Columbia University.

The New York Times -Periodic Tables and Family Tree Help Forge a Scientist’s Lineage–A Conversation with Oliver Sacks

Business Week -Dr. Sacks speaks about Uncle Tungsten, London during WWII, and New York City post-September 11th.–Uncle Tungsten

Dr. Sacks’ Visit with Theodore Gray — Theo Gray is the acclaimed developer of the iPad Elements app, and winner of the 2002 IgNobel Prize in Chemistry for his beautifully crafted wooden periodic-table table (inspired by Uncle Tungsten). He is the author of Mad Science and other books.

Sacks appeal — feature re: Oaxaca, ferns, and Dr. Sacks

BookPage Interview November 2001: Oliver Sacks

The Writer : Oliver Sacks — from The Writer Online

When Music Heals — Parade Magazine. March 2002.

New York Times, Arts and Leisure: Seeing `Awakenings’ With Its Real-Life Cast by Wendy Lesser.

SALON: Lit Chat with Oliver Sacks

SALON: The Last Curious Man – Profile of Dr. Sacks including discussion of colorblindness, music, and botany.

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